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We breed Saddleback pigs, a breed known for carrying essential extra fat that produces really flavoursome meat. The outdoor reared pigs take 8-10 months to mature to a good finishing weight. This slower reared meat has fuller flavour enhanced by marbling and the back fat makes amazing crackling. Please note: we are a small-holding farm that produces the finest quality pork. This may mean that we cannot provide the exact cut you are looking for, without a bit of notice.  We will do our very best to provide you with a delicious alternative, or arrange for it to be delivered to you at the next available date.  Some of our cuts require additional preparation, such as smoking, and will need notice (these have been highlighted).  If you have any queries about this, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

What The Professionals Say


"We love working with The Brand Family and using Brand produce at all the restaurants within Kitchin Group. Like us, they're a family run business who supply us with delicious, local, seasonal ingredients which works in line with our 'From Nature to Plate' philosophy."

TOM KITCHIN, Michelin Star Chef, The Kitchen Group

"At The Balmoral, we are constantly striving to secure and celebrate a solid and sustainable supply chain, championing the incredible natural larder we are so fortunate to have on our doorstep. The quality of produce we receive from The Brand Family Farm fits perfectly into this and is testament to their hard work and unwavering integrity in doing all the right things. We are very conscious when sourcing ingredients, working with suppliers who share our passions and vision. Grant and Jane allow us to take their incredible lamb and pork only when the time is right and they are happy to do so."

GARY ROBINSON, Executive Chef, The Balmoral

What People Are Saying

"The Brand family really care about their livestock and as a result produce the most amazing pork, lamb and eggs! It tastes all the better knowing exactly where it came from. So much tastier than supermarket produce!"

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