Brand East Fortune



In 2010 the Family decided to bring livestock back to the farm by starting a small flock of pedigree Hampshire Down ewes. The Hampshire Down is a UK native, terminal sire breed and after several very successful winter lambings, the award winning East Fortune flock stands at 45 breeding ewes and growing. The East Fortune flock is all MV Accredited and Signet Recorded. 
The Family are delighted to have won several awards with their Hampshire Down flock including Hampshire Down Sheep Breeder of the Year for the UK & Ireland 2016 as well as the accolade of Royal Highland Show Interbreed Pairs Champion for 2016.
If you are interested in starting a new flock, or adding to an existing flock please contact at East Fortune Farm.


The family expanded their livestock by introducing Saddleback pigs to the farm.  This was a long term dream of Grant’s and saw him following in the footsteps of his lovely Granny Mac.

The Saddleback is a medium to large lop eared pig, mainly black but with an unbroken white band running over the shoulders and down to both front feet. A docile pig, with good mothering skills. It is also very hardy and a good forager. A good dual-purpose pig for combined pork and bacon production. Read more about the fantastic feedback and flavour at BRAND’S LARDER


The East Fortune brood live in a state of the art modern hen hut on wheels that allows the family to move them easily onto fresh grass. The eggs are tasty and nutritious.  There has always been hens at the farm but it really is the 5th generation, Ritchie and Robert leading the way with this brood; collecting and boxing the eggs and caring for them with the assistance of Granny and Grandpa Brand while they are at school!

The family also have 60 free range Pekin Aylesbury, Harlequin and Khaki Campbell Ducks.

All of the delicious home reared produce from the Brand’s livestock can be purchased in BRAND’S LARDER at East Fortune Farm.

What People Are Saying

The Brand family really care about their livestock and as a result produce the most amazing pork, lamb and eggs! It tastes all the better knowing exactly where it came from. So much tastier than supermarket produce!