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Seggiano risotto rice (GF, V, VG)

Seggiano risotto rice (GF, V, VG)

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Choose between these organic risotto rices - Arborio and Carnaroli.


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"Our familiarity with Italian rural culture and our passion for excellent food enables partnership with the best artisan food producers of Italy. It not only tastes fantastic but SEGGIANO foods are gmo-free and made without artifice or the use of preservatives and industrial processing."

The perfection of this rice lies with the traditional stone husking, which guarantees the lightest shelling, thus maintaining the nutrients contained in the outermost layer of each grain intact. The presence of these nutrients is critical to the taste and texture of the cooked rice.

Carnaroli rice has higher starch content along with a firmer texture than the arborio rice. This gives us a creamier risotto.

What People Are Saying

"I just love the new farm shop... full of fantastic local produce and the best eggs pork and lamb ever! Delighted to have this amazing produce available on our doorstep ...... and you always get service with a smile too! Just love it!"

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