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Aye Pickled - Pickles and Hot Sauce (GF, VG)

Aye Pickled - Pickles and Hot Sauce (GF, VG)

Product Summary

Aye Pickled is an exciting range of pickled and fermented foods, handmade in Scotland. Vibrant. Innovative. Award Winning. 3 different varieties. Ingredients and more information below.


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Aye Pickled is a family business based in Edinburgh. They hand make wee batches of gourmet pickles and live cultured ferments for the foodservice industry and for YOU. Their pickles are made using hot brines, vinegars and loads of herbs and spices. Their ferments are made with raw ingredients and are lacto-fermented, a process that creates flavour and healthy bacteria that could be good for your gut.

PICKLED SLAW 425g £4.95

This pickled version is sweet and crunchy. It tastes great with cheese, BBQ meat or piled on top of a big baked potato. We suggest you remove it from the brine and mix it with a little Dijon mustard and olive oil to serve.

Ingredients: Cabbage, carrot, VINEGAR (CONTAINS SULPHITES), sugar, CELERY SEEDS, MUSTARD SEEDS, black pepper.


These pickled cucumbers are crunchy, sweet, salty and sour. Serve with burgers and bagels, add them to charcuterie plates and cheese platters, or just eat them straight out the jar (we won’t judge).

Ingredients: Cucumber, vinegar (contains SULPHITES), sugar, salt, MUSTARD SEEDS, dill sees, black peppercorns, CELERY SEEDS, curry powder.

HOT ROOTS 425g £3.50

These root veggies have had a magical makeover! They’re sweet, crunchy and hot, but not hot-hot. They are perfectly suited to Vietnamese Banh Mi but are also great served with steamed rice, grilled meat, or in a salad.

Ingredients: Carrot, radish, fennel, red chilli, VINEGAR (contains SULPHATES), sugar, salt, black pepper, MUSTARD SEED, coriander seed.

KIMCHI HOT SAUCE 250ml £5.40

A smoky hot sauce (with no refined sugar) and blended with their fermented kimchi to create an outstanding flavour. Possibly the best hot sauce you’ll ever try – add it to tacos, mix it through scrambled eggs, serve with fried chicken or dunk your pizza crusts in it. The possibilities are endless…

Ingredients: red chilli, vinegar (sulphates), white onion, maple syrup, garlic, cabbage, gochugaru (red chilli flakes), carrot, radish, water, vegan ‘fish’ sauce (water, GF tamari, shiitake mushroom, salt), Asian chive, spring onion, miso (soy bean), sweet rice flour. Allergens: sulphates, soy.

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"I just love the new farm shop... full of fantastic local produce and the best eggs pork and lamb ever! Delighted to have this amazing produce available on our doorstep ...... and you always get service with a smile too! Just love it!"

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