July 16, 2019


The food we eat, its provenance and the welfare of the animals providing it is of more concern to us all now than ever before and rightly so.

It’s been almost a year since Jane and Grant Brand opened the doors to their farm shop, the Brand Family Larder at East Fortune Farm and what a successful year it’s been for them. Jane has welcomed hundreds of customers to the farm shop and many return weekly for their fresh supplies. Jane tells us that once people taste Brand’s finest meat and eggs “there is simply no going back!…” The Brand’s delicious cuts of home reared outdoor pork and grass fed lamb have been very well received by the local community including top restaurateurs. There are plans afoot for exciting collaborations which will include a range of charcuterie as well as pies made with East Fortune lamb and pork.

So here are 3 top reasons to support locally produced food:
1 - It’s economical
Supporting your local producers strengthens the local economy and supports your community. Eating locally and regionally cuts down on transportation and storage costs.

2 - It connects us
Knowing your farmer allows you to connect with your roots; the practice of agriculture that has allowed us to survive and thrive over tens of thousands of years. As one of the very few livestock farmers in East Lothian, Jane and Grant are passionate about providing you with the finest quality produce. All three generations of The Brand family get great satisfaction from meeting their customers and sharing their enthusiasm for their stock at East Fortune Farm.

3 - It’s ethical
When you get to know your farmer, you know how your food is grown, reared and where it comes from. You can be assured that Jane and Grant are working hard all year round to provide you with the best - from Grant’s management of the lush green fields on which the Hampshire Down flock graze to the high status welfare that the family focus on. The Saddleback herd of pigs are all outdoor reared with access to fresh water, feed and live in a stress free environment where they exhibit natural behaviour such as rooting, foraging and grooming - all essential for the animal welfare and promoting a healthier herd.

When you’re planning your Sunday lunch or a BBQ with friends, be sure to include some of The Brands finest cuts. From their roasts to delicious lamb steaks and pork and apple burgers, you will be proud to serve them in the knowledge that they were reared with care and passion. What could possibly taste better?

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