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Ooni Frozen Sourdough Dough Balls

Ooni Frozen Sourdough Dough Balls

Product Summary

Making exceptional pizza just got even easier! These frozen sourdough dough balls are made with the finest quality ingredients: Caputo Tipo 00 Pizzeria flour, live yeast, purified water and Himalayan pink salt They are made to Ooni's own 60% hydration recipe, and each dough ball weighs 250 grams, perfect for a 12" pizza. Each package of dough balls comes with complete defrosting and preparation instructions. The minimum defrosting time required is one hour, but they can be left in the fridge overnight too.


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Further Details

  • Ingredients: Organic Wheat Flour, Live Yeast, Purified Water, Himalayan Pink Salt.

Separate your dough to defrost (3cm apart and store airtight)

Defrost for 12 hours in the fridge

Defrost for 4 hours at room temperature

Once defrosted, allow dough to rise at room temperature for 1-4 hours and double in size

Stretch your dough thin and lightly top

Rotate for an even bake.

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