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Mhor Coffee

Mhor Coffee

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Delicious, fresh coffee - perfect for that wake up in the morning!


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Based in Perth, the team at Mhor is as diverse as coffee itself. Artisan coffees are created when the grower is willing to take the extra steps to ensure quality results, and the roaster is willing to pay the premium price necessary to support quality. It matters because it is sustainable right across the supply chain. Artisan coffee roasting is a marriage of science and sensibility. The science involves controlling the roasting medium via the roasters knowledge of the roasting machine, the raw product (green beans) and the roaster’s visual and tasting sensibility. Modeling the wine industry, this approach is a radical departure from the custom of selling one’s harvest to middlemen, who then mill and blend it anonymously with other coffee from the region prior to export. The result is great tasting quality coffee with signature flavours that artisan roasters prize.

Flavour notes:

The Creag mhor: Whole bean, smooth coffee with light notes of vanilla biscuit, chocolate and caramel.

The Bheinn mhor: Coarse ground, a bittersweet dark South American roast with hints of nuts and raisins.

The Aonach mhor: Coarse ground, smooth and buttery with almond and caramel notes.

What People Are Saying

"I just love the new farm shop... full of fantastic local produce and the best eggs pork and lamb ever! Delighted to have this amazing produce available on our doorstep ...... and you always get service with a smile too! Just love it!"

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