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Hot Chocolate - Chocolate Tree

Hot Chocolate - Chocolate Tree

Product Summary

A selection of our premium chocolates available as delicate flakes, designed to create the perfect cup of cocoa. Available in 3 flavours. See below for more information and ingredients.


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Further Details

Their dedication and passion for outstanding classic and inventive flavours combined with a responsible approach. They source organic cacao liquor from Peru, where the cacao trees grow amongst other plants and wildlife. They work directly with cooperatives who ensure a high price is paid to farmers.


An organic MILK chocolate, gently processed into delicious flakes from premium Belgian couverture.

Ingredients: sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole MILK powder*, cocoa mass*, vanilla*.
*Certified organic ingredient.


DARK chocolate flakes, from directly sourced sustainable Peruvian cacao.

Ingredients: sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, vanilla*.
*Certified organic ingredient.


Warming winter spices carefully selected and blended with premium organic DARK chocolate premium Belgian couverture, gently processed into delicious flakes.

Ingredients: cocoa mass*, sugar*, cocoa butter*; Gingerbread spice (1%) : Cinnamon*, nutmeg*, cardamom*, ginger*, aniseed*, cloves*, orange oil*, lemon oil*; Vanilla*.
*Certified organic ingredient.

What People Are Saying

"I just love the new farm shop... full of fantastic local produce and the best eggs pork and lamb ever! Delighted to have this amazing produce available on our doorstep ...... and you always get service with a smile too! Just love it!"

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